Walk In Tubs & Walk In Showers

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Do you have difficulty getting in and out of the tub or shower? Do you find yourself struggling to bathe, wash your hair, shave, and keep up with other hygiene needs? If so, a walk in tub or walk in shower may be just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling company, then look no further. We have the best walk in tubs and showers on the market and if that wasn’t enough to sell you, we also offer:

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What should I think about before getting a walk-in shower?

One of the more popular options for remodeling your bathroom is installing a walk-in shower. However, before you commit to this type of project there are some things that need to be considered. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time – at least two months in advance of the date you need your new bathroom so that there is enough time for any unforeseen problems which may arise during the process. There are many factors to consider including: how much space do I have? What level of assistance will I require from others while using my bathroom? Am I on limited budget or do I want something more luxurious with additional features like whirlpool tubs, steam showers, walk-in bathtubs and custom cabinetry? These questions should be considered before designing your new bathroom.